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Pre Primary Activities

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Date: 29/06/2018


Nature Walk is an excellent way to stipulate a child’s appreciation for the natural world. Being surrounded by nature, children get an experience of a free flowing environment that enhances all their senses.

Fr. Agnel Central School, organised the Nature Walk for the Pre-Primary Students on

29th June 2018. The purpose was to explore the environment around us and to admire and appreciate the beautiful things nature has provided us with.

The day began by taking the UKG students outdoors. As on that day there were slight showers of rain in the morning, children wore their raincoats and carried their umbrellas to walk outdoors. They walked all around the school grounds and had a wonderful experience of the falling rain. Children also spotted a coconut plucker climbing on a coconut tree.

Later in the day as the rain stopped the LKG students ventured out in the sunny weather taking a walk all around the school building. This nature walk helped the students to familiarize themselves with the living and non-living things around them.

And finally the Nursery students too were very excited and they walked around the park and the surrounding areas where they were encouraged to feel the texture of stones, bark of trees and dried leaves.

It was an experience about science for the young inquisitive minds where they could see, hear, smell and feel for themselves. Most of all it made them happy



Date: 20/07/2018


On 20th July 2018 Van Mahotsav was celebrated at Fr. Agnel Central School, by the Pre-Primary students as ‘Green Day’ where all students came dressed in green coloured attire.

The programme began at 9.30 am in the school hall with the Morning Prayer followed by a hymn. Children sang their favourite songs “I am a tiny seed” and “Tuff – Toff” and also recited the poem “A Plant”.

A brief introduction was given by Tr. Brenda on the importance and usefulness of trees and forests. She emphasized how trees clean air, help us to breathe and how forests pump out oxygen which we need to live and absorb the carbondioxide we exhale. She also enlightened the students as to how trees and forests contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality and prevents soil erosion. Trees also provide food and habitat for animals, birds and a livelihood for humans.

A slide show on how a plant grows was displayed on the screen to the students. Teachers also enacted a short skit. Our Principal, Fr. Roncy Braganza addressed the students on the importance of tree plantation.

Aaron Miranda (UKG), dressed as a tree enlightened the students that trees are the most important creation of God that makes the earth green and keeps it healthy. Trees require water, air, sunlight and in return they give us fruits, shade and fresh air. But nowadays people cut down trees for their own selfish benefits. In order to save our life we must save trees and grow more trees and make our planet earth worth living.

Kirti Naik (UKG) also spoke on the importance of coconut trees.

Eagan Miranda (UKG) also dressed up in the tree attire said “Hi friends, I am your friend, the tree. I give you oxygen to breathe and fruits to eat. I give you shelter and birds make their nest on me. So please take care of me and do not cut me down”.

Claron Alphonso, Leora Fernandes, Ishana Singh and Britney D’Cunha along with Nursery student Zion Vaz presented beautiful charts on trees and spoke about it.

The programme then shifted to a lighter mood where children played games, like the musical hat, gone with the wind and roll the dice which was fun to play and enjoyed by all.

The day ended with a happy spirit and a message in every child’s heart and mind that trees are our best friend. Plant a tree and save the planet. Plant a tree and add a new friend in your life. So think green, live green and go green.





Date: 14/08/2018


The Pre-Primary students of Fr. Agnel Central School participated joyfully to express their patriotism towards our country on 14th August 2018.

The preparations for the celebration started on 13th August with decorating the corridors with wall hangings and streamers made by students and teachers.

On 14th August the celebratios began with an assembly conducted by Tr. Calvina and Tr. Susan. Tr. Susan in her speech spoke on the importance of freedom by giving an example of a bird in a cage. Tr. Calvina sang patriotic songs with actions.

All the students participated in a fashion parade dressed in occupational/ regional attire. The students looked splendid in their colourful attire as they walked down the ramp waving and smiling at their friends and teachers.

This was followed by a cultural programme where students of Nursery, LKG and UKG performed 3 dances on the tunes of patriotic songs like ‘Suno gaur se duniyawalon’, ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’, trained by the parents of the respective classes.

The Principal, Fr. Roncy in his message addressed the students on the importance of Independence and how we can make a difference in small ways. He also appreciated the efforts of the parents, students and teachers. The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Tr. Susan Rodrigues.

It was a wonderful experience for the students who learnt a lot about the occupations and different regions of our country. Most of all this activity instilled a feeling of unity and brotherhood.




Date: 01/09/2018


Teacher’s day was celebrated in school on 1stSeptember 2018.

The celebration began with the cabinet members welcoming the teachers with a flower and warm wishes.The theme for the Programme was “Inspiring Awakening young Minds’’

The Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG and UKG) students trained by parents performed various dances classwise. The children danced enthusiastically with colourful costumes. All children of each class participated in the dance. Some parents of the Pre-Primary also slayed a dance for the teachers.

This was followed by the cutting of the cake by Fr. Roncy along with the entire staff. Fr. Roncy acknowledged the hardwork of the Parents, Teachers and Staff and thanked them.

The programme was enjoyable, entertaining and very well planned. The backdrop was a work of art and beautifully executed.



Date: 01/10/2018


Cleanliness is equal to godliness. In order to impart this knowledge into the students, Fr. Agnel Central School, organized “Cleanliness Drive” on 1st October 2018, in the school premises. The main aim of the drive was to inculcate the habit of cleanliness in children.

The Teachers enlightened the students about the importance of cleanliness and told them that it is very important to keep ourselves as well as our surroundings clean in order to live a healthy life.

As a part of the drive the Nursery students enthusiastically cleaned the new park area by picking out the dried leaves and they also took keen interest in dusting the corridor walls and wiping down the furniture in the class.

The LKG students actively cleaned the slates, cubicles and the white & green of their classroom. They also wet wiped the corridor grills and the gate.

The UKG students showed great interest in cleaning the entire corridor walls and they also cleaned the new park area by picking out the dried leaves and branches.

The students learnt that by keeping their surroundings clean, they can live a healthy life and become responsible citizens of our country.



Date: 30/11/2018


Children’s Day for the Pre-Primary students was celebrated in school on

30th November 2018. The classroom and corridors were decorated by the teachers. The children looked wonderful with their colourful attire.

The celebration began with an assembly in the hall. The Teachers welcomed the students by singing a beautiful welcome song. Teachers surprised the children with a magic show which was conducted by one of our own student from class VI A, Shaugan Lucas. The children were in awe of the magic tricks and demanded a repeat show.

Thereafter the teachers staged dance performances like ‘Follow the leader’ and ‘Birdie Dance’ where in the children were following the teachers.

The students then went to their respective classes and played games which were conducted by their teachers. All the students were very happy to receive an eye mask made by their teachers and enjoyed eating the snacks given by the school.

This celebration was an enjoyable activity. Students felt happy and important. Teachers made this day a memorable one by giving a feeling of love and students left the school feeling precious.



Date: 20/12/2018


The Pre-Primary Christmas Celebration was held on 20th December 2018. The Niketan Boys were invited for the same, to help the children experience the joy of sharing.

The celebration began with an introduction and welcoming done by Tr. Brenda, which was then followed by a Christmas Dance performed by the students. The children and Niketan Boys sang various Christmas carols together. As the carol singing came to an end, Santa made a surprise entry. The children were thrilled to see Santa at the Celebration.

The students enjoyed the  game session held for them along with the  Niketan Boys. The name of the game was Pick your Partner. The winner of the game was Hansel D’souza from LKG A .There was also a push up challenge conducted by Sir. Sandeep for Niketan Boys.

Annelise Viegas from Nursery Class won a prize for the best Christmas cap and Claron from LKG & Jayden from UKG got the prize for best costume.

The students of the Pre-Primary presented the Niketan Boys with the Christmas gift and sweets, as a token of love and sharing. They too were very happy with the Christmas partybags.

It was a wonderful experience not only for the children but also their parents as they learnt the ‘joy of sharing’. The day ended with a ‘Christmas spirit’.








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