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School Activities

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Date: 28/8/2018



The CBSE Goa Sahodaya in collaboration with Bhavan’s School and Zee Mount Litera School held a Seminar on Career Guidance and Stress Management on 28th August 2018 at Zee Mount Litera School. The students of Class IX attended the seminar accompanied by Tr. Blossom Araujo and Sir. Jesus Alves. The Seminar began at 10.00 am. The resource person for the same were Mr. Allan Mascarenhas & Ms. Maria Mulla, both were psychologists and counsellors.


The seminar began with the lighting of the traditional lamp by the Resource Person, Principal of Zee Mount Litera School, Teacher and Student representatives. The first session was taken up by Mr. Allan. The students were made aware of their uniqueness and given tips on how to decide on their career. He also explained the importance of Psychometric Testing and Vocational Guidance. Various careers were also listed with a brief introduction on each of them.


The second session was conducted by Ms. Maria Mulla, who dealt with Stress Management. She explained what stress meant and different types of stress. She also explained changes in adolescence and the problems faced during this stage.


She elaborated on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and illnesses related to it. The students were also told how to manage stress. She ended with 15 tips to students on how to deal with exam stress. The seminar ended at 01.30 pm.


Date: 01/09/2018


Teacher’s Day was celebrated in the school on 1st September 2018.

The day was flagged off by the Cabinet Ministers welcoming the Teachers with a flower and warmth. The theme for the Eucharistic Celebration and Programme was “Inspiring, Awakening Young Minds”. The Eucharistic Celebration was celebrated by Principal, Rev. Fr. Roncy Braganza. In his homily Fr. Roncy highlighted the impact a Teacher can make on students by his/her close relationship.

The students of Class VIII took the role of teachers for the day and were given an opportunity to conduct classes. Simultaneously teachers and staff were provided with snacks. This was followed by a cultural programme which included songs and dances by the Pre-Primary students. The students of the Primary, Middle & High School Section staged a varied programme of song, dances, skits & monologue in keeping with the theme of the day.

The highlight of the programme was the cutting of the cake by the Principal and entire staff. The teachers were given a gift by the PTA. Many spot prizes were also part of the Day’s programme. Programme was planned and implemented by the School Parliament, Captains and Vice Captains under the able guidance of the Principal.

The Chairman of the PTA Mr. Sylman Caiado in his speech expressed his gratitude to the teachers for their dedicated service and honoured the role of a teacher in the life of students. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Roncy Braganza in his address acknowledged the wonderful service of the teachers and staff and thanked the Ministers, Captains and Students for their hard work and efforts in hosting a wonderful programme.

The students were trained by the Ministers, Captains, Vice Captains and some students. The programme was compered by the Deputy Prime Minister Miss Amberly Dias and the Vote of Thanks (Student) was given by the Prime Minister Master Hayden Gracias and Mrs. Prerana Samant thanked all on behalf of the teachers.

The programme was enjoyable, entertaining and very well planned. The backdrop was a work of art and beautifully executed.

The programme was followed by games and sumptuous lunch arranged by the PTA.


Date: 28/09/2018


Fr. Agnel Central School, Pilar celebrated “Konkani Dis” and “Hindi Diwas” on 28th September 2018 with great zeal. Hindi is our National Language whereas Konkani is our mother-tongue and needs to be celebrated.


The programme began with a brief introduction on the importance of our National Language - Hindi and Mother Tongue - Konkani. To mark the importance of the day, several competitions were held for students of various classes. The judges for these competitions were Mr. Sunil Dessai and Mrs. Karishma Naik both teachers of Fr. Agnel High School. They were welcomed with potted plants.


Various Competitions held on this day were as follows:-

Class I, II Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition

Class III, IV Konkani Poetry Recitation Competition

Class V, VI Monologue Competition

Class III, IV, V, VI Hindi Exposure (States of India)

Class VII, VIII, IX Hindi-Konkani Channel Mix

Every participant was well prepared with their content and showcased their talent beautifully. The celebration was compered by Amber Gracias, Asher Fernandes, Ankriti Kankonkar of Class III and Mayzel Rodrigues of Class VI. Tr. Sangita proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Overall the programme was successful, enjoyable and educative as it gave students an opportunity to showcase their talent and knowledge.


Date: 1/10/2018


Fr. Agnel Central School, Pilar observed the “Clean India Drive” on 1st October 2018. Keeping in mind the importance of the clarion call of the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, special efforts are being made to bring awareness and enlighten the students on the need and importance of a ‘Clean India’. The students were also asked to remember that the idea of a ‘Clean India Drive’ was not just for a day but to make it a part of our daily life.

The students from Class I to Class VIII were allotted different places (class wise) in the school building and campus. The students took up brooms, dusters and enthusiastically dusted and wiped the railings, grills, classrooms, halls and corridors of the school. A group of senior students weeded the volleyball ground, kabaddi ground, long jump pit, surrounding park area and cleaned the campus.

As part of Work Experience, ‘Community reach out activity’ students of Class IX along with Eco Club members campaigned in the vicinity with the help of placards with messages and slogans like “Beat Plastic”, “Go Green”, “Say no to Plastic”, etc. to create awareness. They made around 1000 paper bags and distributed them to the General Stores and Pharmacy in the vicinity of the school.

They created awareness regarding plastic pollution and instructed the shop owners to use and encourage their customers to use eco friendly material like paper, jute, cloth bags, etc.

All the activities were a learning experience to the students. The drive ended on a positive note wherein the students pledged to work towards a clean and green India.


Date: 10/10/2018


On 10th October 2018, Doctors from Mandur Health Centre had a session for Girls of Classes VII to IX on ‘Hygiene’. They spoke specifically on precautions during menstruation.

To get a feel of the situation and analyse about how much the students really know about themselves and this natural process in adolescent age, the Doctors carried out a survey prior to this session. With the help of this data and analysis the Doctors then conducted a session on the same.

They advised the students to be positive and open and not ashamed about this natural process, which leads to psychological and physical changes. They also told them to raise their voice against discrimination in family, superstitious beliefs like not going to the temple, not sitting with family for meals, not eating chocolates, etc.

The session was an interactive session between the girls and the Doctors with the help of a PPT presentation. In the question session the students were bold enough to clear their doubts by asking many questions.

Student Amberley Dias thanked the Doctors for their educative and enlightening session on behalf of all the students present.

The session was an interactive and purposeful one. It ended with the girls imbibing a feeling of clarity, confidence and courage to face the future.


Date: 05/11/2018


Fr. Agnel Central School celebrated its Annual Day on 03rd November 2018 with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The Principal, Fr. Roncy Braganza, sfx. in his welcome address introduced the Chief Guest, Mr. Mathew Samuel (IAS) and the Guest of Honour, Rev. Fr. Mathew Fernandes. He expressed his gratitude to all the stakeholders of the school for collaborating in producing a brand of school education that is relevant in contemporary times. As a sign of appreciation the guests were given tokens from nature’s bounty (a potted plant and a basket of fruits).

The Student Prime Minister, Hayden Gracias and the Deputy Prime Minister, Amberley Dias presented the Annual Report of the school with the help of other students. The report highlighted Academic and Co-curricular achievements and various laurels won by students during the academic year.

The Pre- Primary tiny tots staged a musical ‘Let’s Plant More Trees’ in which they captivated the hearts of the audience beautifully depicting the importance of trees to humankind through song, drama and dance.

The senior students of the school showcased their talents via a musical drama "Give us Peace" that highlighted the burning issues of Deforestation and Mining, Food Adulteration, Water Scarcity, Air Pollution, Garbage and Plastic. The musical was well scripted by the teachers and the students of the school and choreographed by David Furtado Dance Academy and ably supported by the School Choir and interactive presentations on the backdrop LED wall.

One highlight of the programme was that every student of the school was assigned a role on stage.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Mathew Samuel (IAS) in his address commended the Principal and his team for the thought provoking stage presentations. He stated that he was truly impressed by the School campus. He lauded the staff and the students for such amazing performances. He also stated that his association with the Society of Pilar was one of admiration and respect. He pointed out that he was impressed by the innovative way in which the Annual School Report was presented. He exhorted the audience, especially the parents to rise and collaborate in handing over a safer planet and good values to our children.

The Guest of Honour Rev. Fr. Mathew Fernandes spoke on Peace being an integral part of our lives.

The event was a grand success and was well appreciated by both parents and guests alike. Everyone went home with the buzz of "Give us Peace" ringing in one's soul.


Date: 27/11/2018



Fr. Agnel Central School, Pilar had its “Adoration” on 27th November 2018 from 11.45 am to 12.45 pm. This was attended by all the students and teachers.


The Adoration service was conducted and led by Fr. Roncy Braganza, sfx. The students thanked the Lord through Thanksgiving prayers and placed before the Lord their hearts desires and payers in the form of Prayers of the Faithful. The Teachers incharge in conducting and training the students were Tr. Steffi Carvalho and Tr. Sweta D’souza (TICCAS). The choir was lead by Music Tr. Jesus Alves.


The service was conducted in a prayerful and meditative manner. It was an enriching spiritual experience for all present.



Date: 27/11/2018



Children’s Day was celebrated on 27th November 2018. The theme for the day was Children: The Rainbow of our Lives. The programme began with a special prayer service conducted by the teachers.

The teachers then put up a variety programme of songs, poems, monologues and dances which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Teacher Steffi Carvalho highlighted the importance of Children’s Day and enlightened the Children on the role they play in the life of teachers and the institution. Trs. Sweta Kudaskar and Sangita Kavandar thrilled the children with their dance in school uniforms.

Tr. Sailee Bandodkar presented a humorous monologue to highlight the woes of students in studying various subjects. Tr. Sabreen Khan recited a poem to make children aware of the children who are unable to go to school and how lucky they are to have this opportunity to be educated.

Principal in his message to the students expressed how precious they are. Principal also made them aware of their responsibility to add colour, like the Rainbow, in the lives of their parents, teachers, friends by their good actions, deeds and words.

After the programme, games were conducted classwise by the Class Teachers in places allotted for the same. Students enjoyed having their snacks & juice together.

Children’s Day gave the teachers a great opportunity to show the children how very special and precious they are to them and the programme conducted aptly projected this.


Date: 01/12/2018


Science is learning by doing. To encourage students to practically apply the knowledge that is imparted in class in our day-today life, Mathematics & Science fair exhibition was held on 1st December 2018 in Fr. Agnel Central School, to mark the Mathematics & Science Day celebrations in school.


Students of Class I to Class IX were assigned several topics and exhibits were prepared which were displayed and explained by the students. Students of Class I and II brought specimens of local fruits and vegetables and explained their health benefits and their nutritional values. Students of Classes III - V prepared charts and displays on the importance of medicinal plants and home remedies for common ailments. The students displayed specimens of plants like tulsi, Neem, adulsa, lemongrass, etc and explained their medicinal uses.


Students of Classes VI – IX prepared model on the topic ‘Science in daily life’ where working models of solar panels, hand beater, candy dispensers, ATM machine, etc were displayed and explained. Students also prepared a math corner where ‘learning math in a fun way’ was displayed. Students prepared several math games, quizzes and puzzles for students to solve. Students from all the classes were taken around to see the exhibits.

Students learnt that Science and Mathematics can be fun subjects if you understand the concepts and learn to apply them in our day-to-day life. Students enjoyed learning by doing things practically in a fun way.


Date: 18/12/2018


Family Life Education was organized for the students of Classes VI to IX on the 18th December 2018 in their respective classrooms.

The goal of Family Life Education is:-

  • to impart knowledge and skills to enable children to function in the right direction.
  • to focus on the importance of inculcating good values in life, emotional growth and loving & caring within the family.
  • to bring in an awareness on the menstruation cycle and the physical & emotional changes that takes place during puberty.
  • to understand self and face challenges in life.

The resource persons were deputed by the Family Service Center and were led by Mrs. Perpetua D’sousa. Each class was handled by one expert. Two sessions were held for each class and each session was for two hours duration.

Class VI: 1. Menstruation

2. Inculcating good values

Class VII: 1. Changes in Puberty

2. Understanding Self

Class VIII: 1. Changes in Puberty

2. Overcoming challenges

Class IX: 1. Changes in Puberty

2. Reproduction cycle

The sessions were conducted with the help of Power Point Presentations. At the end of the session’s representatives of each Class thanked the resource persons.

The sessions for all the classes were enriching, enlightening and interactive. The sessions conducted truly helped the students in understanding one’s self, being able to cope with changes in puberty and inculcating noble values to face the future with confidence.


Date: 19/12/2018



“There is no liberation without labour and there is no freedom which is free.”

This year commemorates 58 years of Goa’s Liberation from the rule of the Portuguese.

Goa Liberation Day was celebrated in our school on 19th December 2018 with great enthusiasm and pride. Our Coordinator Teacher Blossom escorted our Principal, Rev. Fr. Roncy Braganza to hoist the Indian Tricolor in the presence of the staff and students. This was followed by the National Anthem, Pledge, Prayer for our Nation and Hymn.

A short programme in keeping with the significance of the day was put up. Ms. Clareema of Class IX delivered an informative speech in Konkani on how Goa was freed from the Portuguese reign. This was followed by a beautiful song by the students of Classes VI and VII on the beauty of Goa. Sir Jesus in his message recalled the sacrifice and work of the freedom fighters. The students of Class VII, VIII and IX danced the traditional Kunbi dance.

The Principal in his address stated that our State Goa is a beautiful State blessed with beautiful nature around and it is our duty to take care of it. Tr. Sailee Bandodkar delivered the Vote of thanks. The programme was compared by Vaishnavi Vuppalavanchu and Chriselle De Sa .

The Liberation Day Celebration awakened in the students the pride of being a Goan, appreciating the nature’s bounty and preserving the culture and traditions of our State, Goa.


Date: 21/12/2018



The Christmas Celebration was held on 21st December 2018. The celebration begun with the Eucharistic Celebration with the theme “Share your happiness with the poor”. Advent is a time to share happiness and joy with the less fortunate and to be a shining star of light in the darkest and broken moments of their lives.


The Christmas spirit was displayed in the programme that followed. A meaningful musical play depicting the Christmas story was presented. The play was a beautiful blend of music, song, acting and dance. Each house played musical instruments and sang two Christmas carols merrily. Principal Fr. Roncy Braganza in his message on Christmas emphasized that Christmas is a time to care and share joy with others. There is more joy in giving than receiving.


Celebration continued with the students playing fun games organized by the Class Teachers at the allotted places. At the end of the day every child received a Christmas bag with goodies and a gift.


As a part of the Christmas celebration the students decorated all the Fig trees as Christmas trees on 19th December 2018 after the Goa Liberation Day Programme. The Student also brought gifts such as towels, bed sheets, compasses, tiffin boxes, water bottles, soaps, toothpaste, sports kit, etc. to be distributed to the less fortunate children.


Christmas Celebration ended on a joyful note with happy memories and instilling in the students the true Christmas spirit of loving, caring and sharing.


Date: 03/01/2019


On 3rd January 2019, the Eucharistic Celebration was held in the school to thank the Lord for the gift of Life of our Principal, Fr. Roncy Braganza. The theme for the mass was “Sing a song of praise to the Lord for the gift of Life of our Principal, Fr. Roncy”.

Fr. Roncy was the main celebrant. The concelebrants were Fr. Richard Crasto, Fr. Andrew Silveira, Fr. Elvis Fernandes, Fr. Allan Noronha and Fr. Joseph Fernandes. Fr. Joseph Fernandes in the Homily spoke about the dreams and aspirations we have and how we need to work together with the Principal to achieve all our goals. He stressed on the importance of working as a team and achieving success together.

It was followed by a felicitation and a variety of programmes staged to express love and appreciation for Principal, Rev. Fr. Roncy Braganza, sfx. At the onset the Principal was escorted to the dais for the traditional cake cutting and was accompanied by the teachers and students council.

The Pre-Primary Students put up a very apt, colourful and lively dance. The students class-wise offered beautiful handmade cards, flowers and potted plants. A representative from each class gave a short speech highlighting the wonderful qualities, their love, gratitude and appreciation.

A cultural programme was staged in which every class put up an item, culminating in a bouquet of songs, dance, skits, monologues and an instrumental. Every item staged manifested how much the Principal means to each of them.

On behalf of the Students Prime Minister, Hayden Gracias gave a meaningful speech and Tr. Anisha Coutinho rendered a heart-touching one on behalf of the staff.

Principal, Fr. Roncy Braganza in his address appreciated and thanked the students and expressed his deep love and concern for them. He stated that they were the reason and joy for his being in FACS. He also thanked the Coordinator Tr. Blossom Araujo and the teachers for their co-operation and collaboration in helping him in the smooth running of the institution and the upliftment of the students.

The programme was compared by Miss Delilah Rodrigues and Master Shane Pereira. The students were then given some eats and juice and staff a sumptuous lunch.


Date: 15/01/2019


The School organized School Picnic for Classes III – IX (262 Students) on 15th January 2019 at Selaulim Dam, Sanguem. The picnic flagged off from school at 8:30 am wherein the students travelled in 6 buses classwise along with their teachers. The students portrait a feeling of excitement and happiness all through the journey.

On reaching the picnic spot, each class along with the teachers incharge were allotted places. They then had their snacks and played group games (classwise) in their respective places. During the course of the picnic the students were taken to see the dam.

After lunch the children continued playing and interacting with their classmates and teachers. The highlight of the day was the joy of the students as the Principal participated in the games conducted with the students. The buses started the homeward journey at 3:15 pm and reached the school at 4:45 pm.

Overall it was an enjoyable and memorable trip. It was educative as the teachers made them aware of the structure and working of the dam.


Date: 18/01/2019


“Just education is not enough, children must have sunshine, freedom and playtime”.

The School Picnic for Class I and Class II (151 Students) was held on 18th January 2019. The picnic flagged off from school at 8:30 am wherein the students travelled in 3 buses classwise along with their teachers. The venue was Science Centre and Children’s Park, Panjim.

Students visited Science Centre where they had the opportunity to move around and witness the different exhibits. Children were overjoyed with the science oriented artifacts, mirroring concepts and the 3D shows on environmental degradation, etc.

The children were later taken to the Children’s Park at Campal where the students played games and enjoyed their time in play area with swings, slides, merry-go-round, see saw, etc. At the end the children had their lunch and returned to the school happily by 1:45 pm.

The students had an educative and an enjoyable day.


Date: 26/01/2019


The 70th Republic Day of India was celebrated with pride and patriotism at Fr. Agnel Central School, Pilar, on 26th January 2019. The ceremony began with the hoisting of the tricolor - the pride of the nation by the Principal, Rev. Fr. Roncy Braganza followed by National Anthem, Pledge and Prayer for the Nation.


The students sang a patriotic song ‘Sare Jaha Se Achha’, depicting the national symbols of India. Tanmay Bhor student of Class VI A highlighted the importance of the day in his informative speech. The students of Class V danced to the tune of ‘Vande Matram’.


As part of the programme Shelbon Palha student of Class VI B spoke about ‘The Father of Modern Nation’ Dr. Ambedkar. A skit emphasizing the fundamental rights of citizens was beautifully enacted by the students of Classes III & V.


Tr. Grace in her speech made the children aware of what it means to be a Republic. They were also enlightened on their duties. Students of Class VII enthralled the audience with their dance to the tune ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’, which revived patriotism in each of them.


The Principal in his message made the students aware of how the power is held by the people and their elected representatives. He exhorted them to undertake ones duty as responsible citizens. He elaborated by telling them to save electricity, water and not to waste food. Money is yours but resources belong to all. He also made them aware on how important it is to keep our surroundings and country clean by using the bins and disposing waste appropriately. He enlightened them on how crucial it is to plant trees and save Mother Earth. He also asked them to respect all citizens, help lessen the divide between the rich and poor, contribute in a child’s future. He exhorted every girl student to be confident and empowered to excel in all sports fields and careers.


The programme was compered by Jezita and Pooja students of Class VI, while Tr. Vrushali proposed the vote of thanks.


The programme ended on a high note wherein every student echoed the spirit of patriotism and pride in being an Indian.










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